Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Select the type of brainstorming you want to perform in Second Life by using Brainflowing.

Select the type of brainstorming you want to perform in Second Life by using Brainflowing.

Brainflowing has been updated, by including a menu that permits choosing the type of brainstorming we want to perform depending on the number of prims we have available in the land where we develop the activity and. Now users can decide the prims they will use with the tool, taking in mind the prims that they have available in their land or in the land where they use the tool. Thus, person who will conduct the brainstorming, after selecting in the menu the number of prims he or she is interested on using, must indicate to participants how many words they can use for giving utterance to their ideas in the board.

This menu that was incorporated to Brainflowing helps users to understand easily the relation between the number of words we use during the brainstorming activity and the prims we need to have available in the land where the activity takes place.

Though people have prims enough in their land, they can select an option with few prims in order to make participants to express their ideas in few words. This is highly recommended once time we have shared general ideas about the topic we are discussing and we want to polish them.

Finally, we want to point that, by using the option that will allow us to choose the number of prims that will be used in the tool, we can select the 0 prims option. Selecting this option is very adequate if we want to have our Brainflowing displayed in our land but we want people not to drag notecards on it.

By contrary, if we are interested in that people drag notecards into the board, we must select the number of prims that will permit them doing it.

Apart from this new feature, now Brainflowing display more quickly the notecards that users drag into it. Notecards are displayed on the board just instantaneously. Last but not least, in order to facilitate the management of the tool, in these new version the buttoms of the options that can be used by the owner of the tool are highlighted in yellow. ("email the brainstorming", "save your board in a prim before taking it", "add prims")

Enjoy it and take advantage of the characteristics of Second Life environment for brainstorming. Brainflowing is available here

Bibliography for guessing possible uses of Brainflowing.

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Videos about the tool.

Draceina Pinion made this video about one of the first versions of Brainflowing.

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