Monday, June 29, 2009

Magic Table Multichair

Magic Table with multichairs by Skill Aeon

This table display chairs according to the number of people who sit on the chairs.
We only need to rez it and sit on the chair available. Then,another chair will appear (it displays 12 chairs as maximum).

Available in:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog shapped blogger v03

Object-Name: Blogger Tool
Region: MUVEnation (162304, 238592)
Local-Position: (138, 181, 22)

Trying Blog shapped blogger v0.3.

Oh, after several days trying this tool. We get it Thanks to the collaboration of my colleague in MUVEnation Bex Ferriday and the marvellous help of the author of the script(Gypsy Paz), now, I know how post from Second Life into my blog.

This is a notecard that I have put into the tool for having published into my blog.

The first thing we must to do for manage this tool is, into our Blog, go to the Configuration option and choose and email that will allow post from it.

Then, in Second Life, we touch the tool, (a blue menu will appear) we set the email we have chosen to can post in our blog and ...all it is prepared.
(In the same blue menu)
We can:
1. Select the chat blog option and all that we write after the first return, will be published in our blog.
2. Select the Blog note option and if we drop a notecard into the tool, will be published in our blog.

We do not need to touch send (the text will be published in our blog if we wait

Obviously this tool is very useful when you want to publish something in your blog very quickly in order to have that information available for other. For instance, can be very useful when we organise a group discussion and we want to have published the main ideas we have got.

Blog Shapped blogger V0.3 (created by Decka Mah)
it is Available in:

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Pattern Language Network. Taming Web 2.0 in Higher Education.

Pattern Language

The Pattern Language Network. Taming Web 2.0 in Higher Education.

Planet video. About patternlaguagenetwork.

In this interesting video the group explain us how they work. They want to capture patterns for a sucessful practice. Pattern? A pattern describes the esentaial elements of a sucessful practice, identifying a problem, a solution and a context.

Pedagogical Patterns. The Pedagogical Patterns Project.

A Pedagogical Pattern Language about teaching seminars effectively. Astrid Fricke and Markus Voelter.

Version 2.5, Juli 10, 2000

Lombardi, Victor "Pattern Languages for Interaction Design"
Kordov, Maria "Real Names and Real Faces for Virtual Worlds" Hypergrid Business


Tools Directory. Centre for Learning & Perfomance Technnologies. This Directory contains over 3,000 (freeware/open source and commercial) tools for learning in 25 main categories

Digital Research Tools wiki

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the video I have now in my sloodle presenter (Ben Harper)

This is the video that I have now on my sloodle presenter¡
Enjoy it::)

adding Ben Harper to the Sloodle Presenter (thanks to Alpha)


Thanks to Alpha I got using the sllodle presenter for watching a video. Marvellous¡
I can´t explain the feeling::))
Of course, Ben Harper is wonderful.
This sloodle tool is fantastic for sharing images, urls or even videos.

Trying sloodle presenter with Alpha

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