Saturday, October 24, 2009

mail box (made by DoctorPartridge Allen)

This tool has two main applications, both related to improve our ways of communication in Second Life.

1, Sending contents from Second Life to "Real World"
We can use this tool if we want to send a quick note, a slurl or even a notecard to an email account (we can copy the text from the notecard and paste it into the local chat) to our students, colleagues or even to ourselves and we don´t want waste time opening our email account to do so.

2, Receiving contents from Second Life
We can put available the Outworld Mail Box in a place we have in Second Life in order to receive suggestions, comments and questions from our visitors. This is very useful because thanks to this tool we became available for avatars who are interested in be in touch with us. They can send to us an IM aswell but sometimes, if we have many avatar contacts, when we enter in Second Life, we can feel ovewhelmed by the IMS and we do not put attention to them.

First, we must rezz the tool. Then, we open it. In the contents label , we will see that there is a script and a config note inside. We must open the script and click on reset option. Then, we open the config note and we will introduce the email which we want to send the contents instead of the email address which is written. One time the config note is modified, we must take the tool. Then, we must rezz it from our inventory and we can begin to send contents to address emails from Second Life.

For Sending emails, we must touch the mail box and the tool will ask us to type in the local chat the text we want to send. All the text we have added before hitting return will be sent to the email address we have added to the config notecard .

You can buy it by 0 linds in
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free educational Tools available in Second Life

Teachers Kit Bag

Developed by Uliana Richez on behalf of The Technology Supported Learning Group, University Of Portsmouth forThe Higher Education Academy Subject Network for Infomation and Computer Sciences">

Global Kids giftbag.

Gift/Goodies Bag. University of Portsmouth.

Professor Started Kit
Uop Island

Neosome´s collection of Tools

You can find many boxes with Free Gadgets in

Yadnis Junkyard Newbie Paradise

Montclair State CHSSouth. The educator Freebie Mail.

Freebie Warehouse

The Bazaar Stlliman. Free stuff

EduIsland Teacher Networking Center

Friday, October 9, 2009

audience and use of Virtual Worlds

An Analysis of MMOG Subscription Growth (Version 23.0) (MMOGCHART)

Quant Cast. Get Audience Data for any Site on the Internet

The K Zero Universe chart is the leading indicator and visualisation of companies in the virtual worlds category. The chart segments are updated on a regular basis and published to our blog.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks to all the participants in the Group of Work Metaverses and 3D Environments (IV Congress of Cybersociety)

Our Group of Work "Metaverses and 3D Environments" tell to you that appart from the important contribution of Pierre Lévy, we have received 16 very interesting works.

Sometimes we find on newspapers articles and texts that criticize second life and it seems that the person who have wrote this kind of articles did not spent time trying to look for interesting uses of this Virtual World.

The 17 works subimitted in our GT will help people and participants in the IV Congress of Cibersociety to know about possible applications of the use of Virtual Worlds (specially Second Life) for teaching, researching, make business or even for achieving artistic purposes. We want to congratulate all the participants.

Pierre Lévy (Canada) "Toward a Civilization of Collective Intelligence"

Pedro Andrade (Portugal) "Sociology of Metaverse"

Zaixega Casás Aguín (Galicia) "Footprint of Galicia in Second Life"

Loris Talpo" (Italy) "Education in Second Life - Experiences of a Mentor and an NCI Helper"

Max Ugaz (Peru) "Espacio Virtual de la Universidad de San Martín de Porres del Perú (USMP)" Características y Aplicaciones. junio 2008 - setiembre 2009".

Daniël Vandersmissen (Belgium)"Dan Yapungku in, SL Daniël Vandersmissen in RL"

Gaia Moretti (Italy) "Mundos digitais virtuais em 3D e aprendizagem organizacional: uma relação possível e produtiva".

Giovanni Tweak (Canada) "Story of Drive Through ELF"

Akemi Mochizuki (Japan) (3 works )
1,"Designing tools in Second Life"
2, "Description of two Educational Tools for Second Life: Memorize & Categorize"
3, "Notes about Linden Scripting Language (LSL) and its possible applications"

Bex Ferriday(United Kingdom of G. Britain and N. Ireland) "Transferable Skills and Teacher Education in Second Life"

Micheline Batista (Brazil) "Second Life: cibercorpos e experimentações identitárias em um mundo virtual"

Leila El Kamel and Benny Rigaux-Bricmont (Canada)
"Online qualitative research and metaverses"

Guillaume Hervet, Ellafi khaoula , Benny Rigaux-Bricmont(Canada)
"Conducting Research in Virtual Worlds"

Mobius Ryba(United Kingdom of G. Britain and N. Ireland) Arena Rezzer and Moderation Tool"

Manuel García Vuelta (Spain) "INTERWRITE-DDB (La mejor Pizarra Interactiva de los Entornos 3D"

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