Saturday, October 24, 2009

mail box (made by DoctorPartridge Allen)

This tool has two main applications, both related to improve our ways of communication in Second Life.

1, Sending contents from Second Life to "Real World"
We can use this tool if we want to send a quick note, a slurl or even a notecard to an email account (we can copy the text from the notecard and paste it into the local chat) to our students, colleagues or even to ourselves and we don´t want waste time opening our email account to do so.

2, Receiving contents from Second Life
We can put available the Outworld Mail Box in a place we have in Second Life in order to receive suggestions, comments and questions from our visitors. This is very useful because thanks to this tool we became available for avatars who are interested in be in touch with us. They can send to us an IM aswell but sometimes, if we have many avatar contacts, when we enter in Second Life, we can feel ovewhelmed by the IMS and we do not put attention to them.

First, we must rezz the tool. Then, we open it. In the contents label , we will see that there is a script and a config note inside. We must open the script and click on reset option. Then, we open the config note and we will introduce the email which we want to send the contents instead of the email address which is written. One time the config note is modified, we must take the tool. Then, we must rezz it from our inventory and we can begin to send contents to address emails from Second Life.

For Sending emails, we must touch the mail box and the tool will ask us to type in the local chat the text we want to send. All the text we have added before hitting return will be sent to the email address we have added to the config notecard .

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