Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sari Thomas

Allocating Happiness: TV Families
and Social Clas
by Sari Thomas and Brian P. Callahan

The Route to Redemption: Religion and Social Class. Journal of Communication
Volume 35, Issue 1, pages 111–122, March 1985
Sari Thomas

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cynthia Stoll

Walker, K. & Stohl, C. (2012). Communicating in collaborating groups: A longitudinal network
Communication Monographs, 79, 4, 448-474.

A Global Perspective on Global Networks

Professor Cynthia Stohl
Department of Communication
January 30, 2015

Allan L. Sillars

Alan L. Sillars
In W. J. Ickes (ed.), Compatible and Incompatible Relationships. Springer-Verlag. 277--305 (1985)

ALAN L. SILLARS, GARY R. PIKE, TRICIA S. JONES and MARY A. MURPHY. Human Communication Research
Volume 10, Issue 3, pages 317–350, March 1984

Attributions and communication in roommate conflicts.Communication Monographs

Volume 47, Issue 3, 1980

Cathy Schwichtenberg

The Madonna Connection: Representational Politics, Subcultural Identities, and Cultural Theory (Cultural Studies Series) 1992

Feminist Cultural Studies.
Schwichtenberg, Cathy
Critical Studies in Mass Communication, v6 n2 p202-08 Jun 1989

Sally Planalp

Communicating Emotion. Social, Moral and Cultural Processes. Sally Planalp

Communicating Emotion: Not Just For Interpersonal Scholars Anymore. Communication Theory
Volume 9, Issue 2, pages 216–228, May 1999

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Graham Murdock.

University of Montreal. The 2004 Spry Memorial Lecture. Vancouver, 18 November 2004/ Montreal, 22 November 2004
Graham Murdock

Communication in Common
International Journal of Communication 7 (2013),

Vincent Mosco

The Political Economy of Communication
By Vincent Mosco

Current Trends in the Political Economy of Communication (2008)

To the Cloud: Big Data in a Turbulent World. May 1 2014


Brand New World? Globalization, Cyberspace and the Politics of Convergence

The Political Economy of Globalization
, 1996

Whose Ground Zero? Contesting Public Space in Lower Manhattan

La Economía Política de la Comunicación:una actualización diez años después

Doing it Right with Computer Communication: A Case Study of the United Services Automobile Association

Current Trends in the Political Economy of Communication Global Media Journal, Canadian edition,2008

Robert D. McPhee

Causal modeling in communication research: Use, disuse, and misuse.
Communication Monographs
. Robert D. McPhee & Austin Babrow

Volume 54, Issue 4, 1987


A model of social network development in organizations.
Central States Speech Journal. Volume 37, Issue 1, 1986

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tae- Seop LIM

Lim, T., Kim, S., & Kim, J. (2011). Holism: A Missing Link in Individualism-Collectivism Research. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Routledge, 40, 21-38.

Kim, S., Ahn, S., & Lim, T. Predicting alcohol misuse among college students in the U.S. and South Korea. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse.

Tae-Seop Lim, Communication, UW-Milwaukee from L&S @ UWM on Vimeo.

Facework Solidarity, Approbation, and Tact
TAE-SEOP LIM and JOHN WAITE BOWERS. Human Communication Research
Volume 17, Issue 3, pages 415–450, March 1991

Differences in Cognitive Relativity Between Americans’ and Koreans’ Assessments of Self.
Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. Volume 37, Issue 2, 2008


KELLERMANN, K. and REYNOLDS, R. (1990), When Ignorance Is Bliss The Role of Motivation to Reduce Uncertainty in Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Human Communication Research, 17: 5–75.

Trial Advocacy: Truthiness, Falsiness, and Nothingness

Retreat When Politeness and Efficiency Matter

Sally Jackson

Jackson, S., & Aakhus, M. (2014). Becoming more reflective about the role of design in communication. Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Identification of and adaptation to students’ preinstructional beliefs in introductory communication research methods: Contributions of interactive web technology.
Communication Education. Volume 50, Issue 3, 2001
Special Issue: Tech Advance.

Message Effects Research: Principles of Design and Analysis Hardcover – May 15, 1992
by Sally Jackson

Scott Jacobs

The Search for Reliable Generalizations About Messages A Comparison of Research Strategies
SALLY JACKSON, DANIEL J. O'KEEFE and SCOTT JACOBS. Human Communication Research
Volume 15, Issue 1, pages 127–142, September 1988

Evasive Answers: Reframing Multiple Argumentative Demands in Political Interviews
AUTHOR(S)Polcar, Leah; Jacobs, Scott (1997)

Two Conceptions of Openness in Argumentation Theory. Argumentation Library Volume 8, 2003, pp 147-155
Scott Jacobs

James Hay

Outside Media: Toward a Study of Watching Ourselves through Mobile Media, In Velvet Light Trap "Dossier:Media Space in Perspective" (62) Fall,2008

The Birth of the Neoliberal City & Its Media," Communication Matters, ed. Jeremy Packer & Stephen Wiley, Routledge 2012

Margaret Gallagher

Women, Media And Democratic Society: In Pursuit Of Rights And Freedoms.

United Nations. Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW)
Expert Group Meeting on “Participation and access of women to the media, and the impact of media on, and its use as an
instrument for the advancement and empowerment of women” Beirut, Lebanon 12 to 15 November 2002

Margaret Gallagher

Gender Setting: New Agendas for Media Monitoring and Advocacy
By Margaret Gallagher (1988)

Sunday, June 7, 2015


The Impact of Individual Differences on Message-Production Skill Acquisition

Greene, J.O., Sassi, M.S., Malek-Madani, T.L., & Edwards, C.N. (1997). Adult acquisition
of message-production skill
. Communication Monographs, 64, 181-200.

Greene, J.O., & Geddes, D. (1993). An action assembly perspective on social skill.
Communication Theory, 3, 26-49

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Howard B.Beckman

The Impact of a Program in Mindful Communication on Primary Care Physicians
Howard B. Beckman, MD, Melissa Wendland, Christopher Mooney, MA,
Michael S. Krasner, MD, Timothy E. Quill, MD, Anthony L. Suchman, MD, and
Ronald M. Epstein, MD

Difficult patients (1997)

Partnering with Physicians to Reduce the Use of Unnecessary Medical Services
An FMA White Paper 
Howard H. Beckman, MD, FAACP, FAACH

Richard M. Frankel

Using simulation to assess the influence of race and insurer on shared decision making in periviable counseling.
Tucker Edmonds B1, McKenzie F, Fadel WF, Matthias MS, Salyers MP, Barnato AE, Frankel RM.

The Effect of Physician Behavior on the Collection of Data (1982)

Assessing Competence in Communication and Interpersonal Skills: The Kalamazoo II Report (2004)
F. Daniel Duffy, MD, Geoffrey H. Gordon, MD, Gerald Whelan, MD, Kathy Cole-Kelly, MS, MSW,
Richard Frankel, PhD, and All Participants in the American Academy on Physician and Patient’s Conference
on Education and Evaluation of Competence in Communication and Interpersonal Skills

joanne cantor

Conquer CyberOverload: Get More Done, Boost Your Creativity, and Reduce Stress Paperback – December 14, 2009

Residual Emotional Arousal as a Distractor in Persuasion. The Journal of Social Psychology. Volume 92, Issue 2, 1974

Brant Burleson

Constructivism: A General Theory of Communication Skill

The experience and effects of emotional support: What the study of cultural and gender differences can tell us about close relationships, emotion, and interpersonal communication
Personal Relationships
Volume 10, Issue 1, pages 1–23, March 2003

Burleson, Brant R. and Samter, Wendy, "Individual Differences in the Perception of Comforting Messages" (1985). Communication Journal Articles. Paper 63.

David Charles Whitney

MediaMaking. Mass Media in a Popular Culture Second Edition (2006)
Lawrence Grossberg, Ellen Wartella, D. Charles Whitney, J. Macgregor Wise.

Audiencemaking: how the media create the audience. By James S. Ettema, David Charles Whitney (1994)

Keeping the Gates' for Gatekeepers: The Effects of Wire News. By D. Charles Whitney and Lee B. Becker

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Philip C. Wander

Prospects for ‘a rhetoric of science
social epistemology, 2000, vol. 14, nos. 2}3, 211–233

On Ideology: Second Thoughts
Philip C. Wander

Federico Subervi-Velez

The Mass Media and Latino Politics: Studies of U.S. Media Content, Campaign Strategies and Survey Research: 1984-2004 (Routledge Communication Series) Paperback – January 18, 2008

Entrevista a Federico Subervi: “Estados Unidos deberá conocer el mercado latino por su propio interés" - Portal de la Comunicación.

La comunicación política y los latinos en las elecciones presidenciales de Estados Unidos
Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, vol. XL

Jan Servaes

Communication for Development and Social Change
Edited by Jan Servaes (2008)

Sustainability, Participation & Culture in Communication: Theory and Praxis
By Jan Servaes (2013)

Participatory communication: the new paradigm (2005)

Jorge Reina Schement


Between Communication and Information (1993)

edited by Jorge Reina Schement, Brent D. Ruben

Everett M. Rogers

Everett M. Rogers and His Contributions to the Field of Communication and Social Change in Developing Countries
Srinivas R. Melkote

Diffusion of Innovations Theory

Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett Rogers (1995)

Reviewed by Greg Orr
March 18, 2003

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

W. Barnett Pearce

Pearce, W. B. (2009) Communication and social construction: Claiming our birthright (pp. 33-56) In Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz and Gloria Galanes (Eds).
(2009) Socially Constructing Communication. Cresskill, N. J.: Hampton Press.

Extending the Theory of the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) Through a Community Dialogue Process. Communication Theory, 2000.

W. Barnett Pearce

Deane Neubauer

Interview Dr. Deane Neubauer

Promoting effective regionalization among Thai technical universities

Daniel J. O'Keefe

Persuasion: Theory and Research (Current Communication: An Advanced Text) Paperback – January 24, 2002
by Daniel J. O'Keefe

Do Loss-Framed Persuasive Messages Engender Greater Message Processing Than Do Gain-Framed Messages? A Meta-Analytic Review. Communication Studies
Vol. 59, No. 1, January–March 2008, pp. 51–67
Daniel J. O’Keefe & Jakob D. Jensen

Hans Mathias Kepplinger

Instrumentelle Aktualisierung
Hans Mathias Kepplinger

Reciprocal Effects: Toward a Theory of Mass Media Effects on Decision Makers
Hans Mathias Kepplinger

Karol Jakubowicz

A new notion of media? Media and media-like content and activities on new communication services
by Dr Karol Jakubowicz
Media and Information Society Division.Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs. Council of Europe. April 2009

Post-Communist Media Development in Perspective

Youichi, It

The Future of Political Communication Research: A Japanese Perspective.
Journal of Communication
Volume 43, Issue 4, pages 69–79, December 1993

The Social and Cultural Impacts of Information Technology.
Information Technology: Impacts, Policies and Future Perspectives
1990, pp 27-39

The Future of Political Communication Research: A Japanese Perspective.
Youichi, Ito
Journal of Communication, v43 n4 p69-79 Fall 1993

Monday, May 25, 2015

John Fiske

Second Edition

The John Fiske Collection: Introduction to Communication Studies (Studies in Culture and Communication)

Wimal Dissanayake

Iranian Cinema and Poetry of Rumi and Hafez by Dr. Wimal Dissanayake from Shangri La Hawaii on Vimeo.

Rethinking Third Cinema Paperback – 26 Jun 2003
by Wimal Dissanayake (Editor), Anthony Guneratne (Editor)

Popular Culture in a Globalised India Paperback – 17 Dec 2008
by K. Moti Gokulsing (Editor), Wimal Dissanayake (Editor)

Narratives of Agency: Self-making in China, India and Japan (East European Monographs; 444) Paperback – 9 Apr 1996
by Wimal Dissanayake (Editor)

Caren J. Deming

Media in Society: Readings in Mass Communications Paperback – May 1, 1988
by Caren J. Deming (Author), Samuel L. Becker (Author)

Farrel Corcoran

TELEVISION ACROSS THE WORLD. Interrogating the globalisation paradigm.
New Review of Film and Television Studies

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2007
Special Issue: TVIII

Processing information from screen media: A psycholinguistic approach
Farrel Corcoran

Celeste Michele Condit

The rhetorical limits of polysemy

Critical Studies in Mass Communication

Volume 6, Issue 2, 1989

The Meanings of the Gene: Public Debates about Human Heredity (Rhetoric of the Human Sciences (1999)

No 24 - septembre-novembre, 2005

La «race» n’est pas un concept scientifique: quelles sont les alternatives?*

Clifford G. Christians

A Conversation about Communication Ethics
with Clifford G. Christians

Normative Theories of the Media: Journalism in Democratic Societies (Google eBook) 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Richard F. Carter.

Comparative Analysis, Theory, and Cross-Cultural Communication.
Communication Theory
Volume 1, Issue 2, pages 151–159, May 1991
Richard F. Carter

Public Opin Q (1962) 26 (1): 77-91

On reactions to mass media content

Richard F. Carter

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Charles R. Berger

The Handbook of Communication Science. Charles R. Berger, Michael E. Roloff, David R. Ewoldsen
Charles R. Berger
Interpersonal Communication: Theoretical Perspectives, Future Prospects. Journal of Communication
Volume 55, Issue 3, pages 415–447, September 2005Article first published online: 10 JAN 2006

why are there so few communication theories?

Samuel L. Becker

Marxist approaches to media studies: The British experience. Critical Studies in Mass Communication

Volume 1, Issue 1, 1984

Becker, Samuel L.
Approaches to Inquiry in Communication. Speech Journal; v5 p17-20 1969

Monday, May 18, 2015

Anthony Giddens

Capitalism and Modern Social Theory
An Analysis of the Writings of Marx, Durkheim and Max Weber
Giddens, Anthony (1996) In Defence of Sociology. Cambridge : Polity.

Stuart Hall

Race, Culture, and Communications: Looking Backward and Forward at Cultural Studies
Rethinking Marxism: A Journal of Economics, Culture & Society

Volume 5, Issue 1, 1992

Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices (Culture, Media and Identities series) Paperback – 15 Jan 1997
by Stuart Hall (Editor)

Representation: Cultural representations and signifying practices. by Stuart Hall (Editor)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jefferson Pooley

Sinking the Flagship: Why Communication Studies Is Better Off Without One,” International Journal of Communication 9: 1247–1255.

“Digital Rights Management: Downloads, Downers and a Call for PDF Publishing.” Guardian Higher Education Network, February 26, 2013.

“Mnemonic Multiples: The Case of the Columbia Panel Studies,” Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, 51, no. 1 (2015): 10-30

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Julie M. Duck

Support for diversity initiatives in organisations: An intergroup perspective
Understanding reactions to diversity initiatives in organisations: An intergroup perspective

Cindy Gallois

Baker, S.C., Gallois, C., Driedger, M., & Santesso, N. (2011). Communication accommodation and managing musculoskeletal disorders: Doctors’ and patients’ perspectives (on behalf of the Effective Consumer Investigator Group: P.S. Tugwell, A. Wilson, P.M. Brooks, A. O’Connor, A. Qualman, J. Wale, & G.A. Wells). Health Communication, 26, 379-388.

Gallois, C., Cretchley, J., & Watson, B. (2012). Methodology in intergroup communication: Eclectic approaches to communicating identity. In H. Giles (Ed.), The handbook of intergroup communication (pp. 31-43). New York: Routledge.

Gallois, C., McKay, S., & Pittam, J. (2004). Intergroup communication and identity: Intercultural, health, and organisational communication. In K. Fitch & R. Sanders (Eds.), Handbook of Language and Social Interaction (pp. 231-250). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Hornsey, M. J. (2005). Why being right is not enough: Predicting defensiveness in the face of group criticism. European Review of Social Psychology, 16, 301-334.

Hornsey, M. J., & Jetten, J. (2004). The individual within the group: Balancing the need to belong with the need to be different. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 8 , 248-264.

Edward Maibach

Communication and Marketing As Climate Change–Intervention Assets

A Public Health Perspective

Edward W. Maibach, Connie Roser-Renouf, Anthony Leiserowitz

Designing Health Messages: Approaches from Communication Theory and Public Health Practice

Gary L. Kreps

Kreps, Gary L.; Neuhauser, Linda (2013). "Artificial intelligence and immediacy: Designing health communication to personally engage consumers and providers". Patient Education and Counseling 92 (2): 205–10. doi:10.1016/j.pec.2013.04.014. PMID 23683341.

Neuhauser, Linda; Kreps, Gary L.; Morrison, Kathleen; Athanasoulis, Marcos; Kirienko, Nikolai; Van Brunt, Deryk (2013). "Using design science and artificial intelligence to improve health communication: ChronologyMD case example". Patient Education and Counseling 92 (2): 211–7

Neuhauser, L., & Kreps, G.L. (2011). Participatory design and artificial intelligence: Strategies to improve health communication for diverse audiences. In N. Green, S. Rubinelli, & D. Scott. (Eds.). Artificial Intelligence and Health Communication (pp. 49-52). Cambridge, MA: American Association of Artificial Intelligence Press.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Shanto Iyengar

Fear and Loathing Across Party Lines: New Evidence
on Group Polarization

Framing Responsibility for Political Issues: The Case of Poverty
Shanto Iyengar
Political Behavior, Vol. 12, No. 1, Cognition and Political Action. (Mar., 1990), pp. 19-40

How Framing Influences Citizen Understanding of Public Issues
An Interview with Shanto Iyengar, a Leading Scholar on Frame Effects

W. Lance Bennett

Collective Action Dilemmas with
Individual Mobilization through Digital Networks

W. Lance Bennett
University of Washington
Alexandra Segerberg
Stockholm University

The Logic of Connective Action: Digital Media and the Personalization of contentious politics
By W. Lance Bennett, Alexandra Segerberg

Changing Citizenship in the Digital Age
W. Lance Bennett
University of Washington, Seattle, Center for Communication and Civic Engagemen

Steven S. Wildman

Why New Media Services are Different. By Steven S. Wildman
Michigan State University; Quello Center, August 15, 2007

Maximizing Newspaper Profits from the Internet and Print
Steven S. Wildman
Michigan State University; Quello Center, September 9, 2010

Trade Liberalization and Policy for Media Industries: A Theoretical Examination of Media Flows
Steven S. Wildman (Northwestern University)

Marshall Scott Pole

Poole, M. S. (2007). Generalization in process theories of communication. Communication
Methods and Measures
, 1, 181-190.

Williams, Dmitri , Contractor, Noshir , Poole, Marshall Scott , Srivastava, Jaideep and Cai, Dora(2011)
'The Virtual Worlds Exploratorium: Using Large-Scale Data and Computational Techniques for Communication
Communication Methods and Measures, 5: 2, 163 — 180

Poole, M. S. & Van de Ven, A. H. (2010). Empirical methods for research on organizational
decision making processes
. In P. C. Nutt & D. Wilson (Eds.) The blackwell handbook of decision
making (pp. 543-580). Oxford: Blackwell.

Peter Monge

The Coevolution of Multiplex
Communication Networks in Organizational

Seungyoon Lee1 & Peter Monge

Expertise Directory Development, Shared Task Interdependence, and Strength of Communication Network Ties as Multilevel Predictors of Expertise Exchange in Transactive Memory Work Groups
Communication Research February 2010 37:

Thursday, May 14, 2015

John L. Jackson Jr.

Ethnography Is, Ethnography Ain't
by John L. Jackson Jr.

Thin Description
Ethnography and the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

John L. Jackson, Jr.

Impolite Conversations: On Race, Politics, Sex, Money, and Religion

by Cora Daniels & John L. Jackson Jr.

David Zarefsky

Interview with David Zarefsky

Presidential Rhetoric and the Power of Definition
David Zarefsky
Presidential Studies Quarterly; Sep 2004; 34, 3; Research Library
pg. 607

What Does an Argument Culture Look Like?
David Zarefs

Lance Holbert

Intramedia Mediation: The Cumulative and Complementary Effects of News Media Use
Political Communication, 1 Volume 22, Issue 4, 2005

A Theory of Political Campaign Media Connectedness
Communication Monographs

Volume 76, Issue 3, 2009

Empirical Intersections in Communication Research: Replication, Multiple Quantitative Methods, and Bridging the Quantitative–Qualitative Divide
William L. Benoit1,* andR. Lance Holbert

Journal of Communication
Volume 58, Issue 4, pages 615–628, December 2008

William L Benoit

Image repair discourse and crisis communication
by William L. Benoit, Public Relations Review, Summer 1997 v23 n2 p177(10)

New York Times’ Coverage of American Presidential Primary Campaigns, 1952-2004
William L. Benoit, Ph.D Ohio University & Katharina Hemmer University of Zurich
Kevin Stein, Southern Utah University

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Michael Pfau

Embedding Journalists in Military Combat Units: Impact on Newspaper Story Frames and Tone
Michael Pfau,

Inoculation in Political Campaign Communication. By MICHAEL PFAU1 andMICHAEL BURGOON

Role and Influence of Communication Modality in the Process of Resistance to Persuasion

Michael Tracey

The Language Desert: The Condition of Literacy and Reading
in Contemporary America

Michael Tracey

David E. Morrison

Stephen Coleman, Scott Anthony, David E. Morrison
- See more at:

Media & Values: Intimate Transgressions in a Changing Moral and Cultural Landscape
By David E. Morrison

Leslie Steeves

Feminist theories and media studies

2nd Edition . By Srinivas R. Melkote & H. Leslie Steeves

Creating Imagined Communities: Development Communication and the Challenge of Feminism. Journal of Communication
Volume 43, Issue 3, pages 218–229, September 1993

Willard D. Rowland, JR.

The Politics of TV Violence: Policy Uses of Communication Research (People & communication) Hardcover – April 1, 1983
by W.D. Rowland

Palmeri, Hélène and Rowland, Willard. "Public television in a time of technological change and socioeconomic turmoil : the cases of France and the U.S. Part I. Looking back : the theory, the promise and the contradictions." International Journal of Communication, 2011.

Palmeri, H. and Rowland, W. "Public television in a time of technological change and socioeconomic turmoil : the case of France and the U.S. Part II. New "reforms" and the prospects : looking ahead." International Journal of Communication, 2011.

Eli Noam

Peer-to-Peer Video
The Economics, Policy, and Culture of Today's New Mass Medium

Editors: Noam, Eli M., Pupillo, Lorenzo (Eds.)

Beyond spectrum auctions. Taking the next step to open spectrum access

Interconnecting the Network of Networks

by Eli M Noam

Douglas Gomery

Television Preservation: current status and public policy by Douglas Gomery, University of Maryland
Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television

Volume 16, Issue 3, 1996

Research Report: The Economics of Term Extension for Motion Pictures

by Douglas Gomery, University of Maryland for The Committee for Film Preservation and Public Access

The Coming of Sound: A History

W. Lance Benett

Social Media and the Organization of Collective Action: Using Twitter to Explore the Ecologies of Two Climate Change Protests The Communication Review Volume 14, Issue 3, 2011
Special Issue: Twitter Revolutions? Addressing Social Media and Dissent

The One-Step Flow of Communication. Lance Bennett & George Washington University

William F. Eadie

The Changing Conversation in America: Lectures from the Smithsonian

William F. Eadie (2011): Stories We Tell: Fragmentation and Convergence in Communication Disciplinary History, Review of Communication, 11:3, 161-176

Robert K. Avery

From the Public Sphere to the Cultural Commons: A Realistic Appraisal of U. S. Public Broadcasting

Paterns of Comunication on Talk Radio.

NOTE 23p.; Paper presented at the Anual Meting of the Broadcast Education Asociation (Washington, D.C.,March 197)

James E. Grunig

Grunig, J. E. (2009). Paradigms of global public relations in an age of digitalisation. PRism 6(2):

Excellence Theory in Public Relations Excellence
James E. Grunig

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eric W. Rothenbuhler

Media Events in the Age of Terrorism and the Internet

Eric W. Rothenbuhler

Ritual communication: From everyday conversation to mediated ceremony by Eric W. Rothenbuhler

Jennifer L. Monahan

Samp, J. A., & Monahan, J. L. (2009). Alcohol-influenced nonverbal behaviors during discussions about a relationship problem. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 33, 193-21

Turk, D. R. & Monahan, J. L. (1999). Here I go again: A model of repetitive behaviors during interpersonal conflicts. Southern Communication Journal, 64, 232-244.

James Jasinski

The Status of Theory and Method in Rhetorical Criticism,” Western Journal of Communication, 65 (2001): 249-270.
Rhetoric and Judgment in the Constitutional Ratification Debate of 1787-1788: An Ex-ploration in the Relationship Between Theory and Critical Practice” Quarterly Journal of Speech, 78 (1992): 197-218.

Dennis K. Davis

Mass Communication Theory: Foundations, Ferment, and Future, 6th Edition
Stanley J. Baran Bryant University
Dennis K. Davis Pennsylvania State University
- See more at:;jsessionid=EEC80B06247A75660755B6FE4FD188B3?N=16+4294962568&Ntk=P_EPI&Ntt=1634139775206080621536878944533946493&Ntx=mode%2Bmatchallpartial#sthash.1JxVswT8.dpuf

Critical Studies in Mass Communication. New Directions in Research

Volume 4, Issue 1, 1987

Sandra Braman

Harmonization of Systems: The Third Stage of the Information Society. Journal of Communication
Volume 43, Issue 3, pages 133–140, September 1993
Sandra Braman

Sandra Braman: “Frames, Fractures, and Skins: Internet Design as Social Policy

Biotechnology and Communication: The Meta-Technologies of Information
edited by Sandra Braman

Horace Newcomb

Television as a Cultural Form. By Horace Newcomb and Paul M. Hirsch (1983)
Narrative and Genre

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Communication and the New World of Relationships
Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Journal of Communication
Volume 43, Issue 3, pages 119–126, September 1993

The Role of Communication and Writing Intensive Courses in General Education: A Five Year Case Study of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nancy Westphal-Johnson, Mary Anne Fitzpatrick
From: The Journal of General Education
Volume 51, Number 2, 2002
pp. 73-102 | 10.1353/jge.2002.0014

Austin S. Babrow

Living up to the Promise of Brainstorming. Communication Currents. Knowledge for Communicating well. By Michael Jordan and Austin S. Babrow

Point, Counterpoint, to the Side of the Point, and Other Points of Interest in the Latest Debate About Communibiological Theory: A Response to Nelson, McCroskey, and Beatty. By Austin S. Babrow. Communication Theory, Volume 15, Issue 4, pages 475–484, November 2005

Building Health Communication Theories in the 21st Century. Authored by: Austin S. Babrow , Marifran Mattson. The Routledge Handbook of Health Communication

Paolo Mancini

Sistemas mediáticos comparados.Tres modelos de relación entre los medios de comunicación y la política. Daniel C. Hallin y Paolo Mancini. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (Reis)
N.º 129, 2010, pp. 165-188

Brenda Dervin


Sense Making Methodology Site

academic webpage


Chaos, Order, and Sense Making: A Proposed Theory for Information Design (1999), by Brenda Dervin

Sense-Making Methodology: Communicating Commmunicatively with Campaign Audiences, by Brenda Dervin and Micheline Frenette, 2001

What methodology does to theory: Sense-making methodology as Exemplar, by Brenda Dervin, 2006

Sense-Making Methodology: Learn What Users Understand is Important, by Georg Strom

Monday, April 20, 2015

Joli Jensen

Joli Jensen, Professor of Communication at the University of Tulsa: Is Art Good for Us? from engage on Vimeo.

How to complete a big long project, by Joli Jensen

Joli Jensen

Robert A. White

Is ‘empowerment’ the answer? Current theory and research on development communication
Robert A. White. Gazette: the international journal for communication studies
Copyright © 2004 sage publications
London, thousand oaks & new delhi 0016-5492 vol 66(1): 7–24

Stevenson, Robert.L

The Missing Link in International Communication, 1998
Robert L. Stevenson

The Myth of Television News. Stevenson, Robert.L & Kathryn F. 1977

Vicent Mosco

Dr. Mosco was interviewed by Andrew Iliadis. June 20th, 2013.

The Digital Sublime. Myth, Power, and Cyberspace
By Vincent Mosco

Occupy Movement: Vincent Mosco, Queen's University Professor, Calls Movement Most Important In Generations
CP | By Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press
Posted: 11/16/2011 5:32 pm EST


Brand New World? Globalization, Cyberspace and the Politics of Convergence

The Political Economy of Globalization
, 1996

Whose Ground Zero? Contesting Public Space in Lower Manhattan

La Economía Política de la Comunicación:una actualización diez años después

Doing it Right with Computer Communication: A Case Study of the United Services Automobile Association

Current Trends in the Political Economy of Communication (Global Media Journal, Canadian edition), 2008

Timothy R. Haight

The Mass Media and Presidential PopularityPresidential Broadcasting and News in the Nixon Administration, by Timothy R. Haight. 1977

Stuart Ewen

From Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture by Stuart Ewen

Stuart Ewen presents Mind Games & Activism: Marketing, Persuasion, and the Myth of the Hardwired Public from Not An Alternative on Vimeo.


Martin Allor

Martin Allor, Part 1: Cultural Industries in Québec
Interviewed by Evelyn Ellerman at Montréal on March, 2012

Jennifer Daryl Slack

The Political and Epistemological Constituents of Critical Communication Research
Jennifer Daryl Slack and Martin Allor
Article first published online: 7 FEB 2006

Communication Technologies and Society. Conceptions of Causality and the Politics of Technological. Canadian Journal of Communication. 1985

Herbert J. Gans

Herbert J. Gans Award Statement. American Sociological Association.

Herbert J. Gans. The Uses of Poverty: The Poor Pay All.
Social Policy July/August 1971: pp. 20-2

Jay G. Blumler

The Crisis of Public Communication

Jay G. Blumler, Jay Blumler, Michael Gurevitch

The Third Age of Political Communication: Influences and Features


Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann

Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann
La espiral del silencio. Opinión pública: nuestra piel social

Elisabeth Noelle Neumann: Pioneer of public-opinion polling and market research. The independent.

U.S. Professor's Criticism of German Scholar's Work Stirs Controversy
Published: August 27, 1997

Idalina Cappe de Baillon

Les problemes juridiques souleves par les transmissions par cable et par satellite d'oeuvres de l'esprit, a l'egard des artistes-interpretes ou executants : droit international et droit compare
par Idalina Cappe de Baillon

Francis Balle

Francis Balle "Titre" (interview)

The Information Society, Schools, and the Media.
Balle, Francis

James G. Stappers

Mass Communication as Public Communication
James G. Stappers
Article first published online: 7 FEB 2006

Lang, Kurt & Engel Lang, Gladys

Mass Society, Mass Culture, and Mass Communication: The Meaning of Mass
University of Washington

Personal Influence and the New Paradigm: Some Inadvertent Consequences
November, 2006

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Dallas W. Smyth (1907-1992)

Dallas W. Smythe – Audience Commodity and its work

Dallas Smythe Today - The Audience Commodity, the Digital Labour Debate, Marxist Political Economy and Critical Theory. Prolegomena to a Digital Labour Theory of Value.
Christian Fuchs

On the Audience Commodity and its Work, by Dallas W. Smyth

Robin Mansell

Dr. Mansell was interviewed by Laureano Ralón. July 12th, 2010

Power, Media Culture and New Media, by Professor Robin Mansell. Department of Media and Communications. London School of Economics and Political Science
1 August 2009

Robin Mansell
Political Economy, Power and New Media
New Media Society 2004; 6; 96

Robin Mansell: Imagining the internet: Open, Closed or In Between from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

William H. Melody

Annenberg Research Seminar - William H. Melody

William H. Melody
Delft University of Technology

Cultivating Knowledge For Knowledge Societies at the Intersections of Economic and Cultural Analysis
University of Denmark

Tamás Szecskö

Communication Research and Policy in Hungary: Partners in Planning
Tamás Szecskö
Article first published online: 7 FEB 2006

Tamás Szecskö UNESDOC - Search result

Jeremy Tunstall

Jeremy Tunstall, City University, London. The euromedia research group

The Media Were American. U.S. Mass Media in Decline. By Jeremy Tunstall

Lee Thayer

Dr. Thayer was interviewed by Laureano Ralón. August 24th, 2010.


What would a theory of communication be for? By Dr. Thayer

Cees J. Hamelin

By Dr. Cees J. Hamelin

The Ethics of Cyberspace. By Dr. Cees J. Hamelin

Human Rights for the Information Society
Cees J. Hamelink

Armand Mattelart

Historia de las teorías de la comunicación. Armand Mattelart & Michèle Mattelart

El Impacto del Pensamiento de Armand Mattelart en la Academia de Comunicacion Mexicana, by Dr. Javier Esteinou Madrid. Razon y Palabra

Roberto Grandi

The Limitations of the Sociological Approach: Alternatives from Italian Communications Research
Roberto Grandi
Article first published online: 7 FEB 2006

Western European Broadcasting in Transition, by Roberto Grandi
Article first published online: 7 FEB 2006

Elihu Katz



Broadcasting in the Third World. Promise and Performance (1977), Elihu Katz and George Wedell

Diálogo con Elihu Katz (2000), entrevista realizada por Edison Otero.

Cannonic Texts in Media Research. Are there any? Should there be? edited by Elihu Katz, John Durham Peters, Tomar Liebes and Avril Orloff. (2003)

Media events. The life Broadcasting of history. (1992) Daniel Dayan and Elihu Katz

Personal Influence. The part played by people in the flow of mass media communications (1995) Elihu Katz and Paul F. Lazarsfeld

Uses & Gratifications/ Dependency Theory, E. Rossi Spring 2002

Two step flow theory (University of Twente)

The work of Elihu Katz: conceptualizing media effects in context (1997), by Sonia Livingstone

George Comstock

George Comstock - Interviewed by Sang Bai

Television and the human behavior. The research horizon, future and present. George Comstock and Georg Lindsey. June 1975

Gerald R. Miller

Deceptive Communication
Gerald R. Miller
James B. Stiff

Explorations in interpersonal communication (1973)
Gerald R. Miller

GERALD R. MILLER. Human Communication Research
Volume 4, Issue 2, pages 164–178, December 1978

Steven H. Chaffee

Measurement and Efects of Atention to Media News. Chafe, Steven H.; Schleuder, Joan

Mass Communication and Political Socialization, by y Steven H. Chaffee, L. Scott Ward and Leonard P. Tipton
Communication Concepts. Explication, by Steven H. Chaffee

Everett M. Rogers

Everett M. Rogers and His Contributions to the Field of Communication and Social Change in Developing Countries
Srinivas R. Melkote

Diffusion of Innovations Theory

Diffusion of Innovations, by Everett Rogers (1995)

Reviewed by Greg Orr
March 18, 2003

Wilbur Schramm (1907-1987)

Contributions of Wilbur Schram to Mas Comunication Research, Journalism Monograph No. 36. Chafe, Steven H., Ed.; And Others

The Financing of Public Television. Schram, Wilbur; Nelson, Lyle



Schramman, W. (1997) The Beginnings of Communication Study in America. A personal memoir.

S. Siebert, F; Peterson, T. & Schramm, W. (1963) Four Theories of the Press. The authoritarian, Libertarian, Social Responsability and Social Comunist Concepts of what the press should be and do.

Schramm, W; Lyle, J; Parker, E.B (1961) "Televison in the lives of our children. The facts about the effects on television on children-based on studies of over 6,000 children"

"Wilbur Schramm: Portrait of a Development Communicator Pionned", by Arvind Singhad. Communicator-Jan-Dec, 1987, Vol, XXII No 1-4

Note: Image of the Schramm´s model was obtained from Communication Models

Schramm, W. (1979) Mass media and national development. International commision for the study of communication problems.

Klaus Krippendorff

The American Society for Cybernetics offers this small book to Klaus Krippendorff
as a tribute to mark the year of his 80th birthday.
Klaus Krippendorff. A Directory Compiled, edited and produced by Ranulph Glanville

Annenberg Research Seminar - Klaus Krippendorff, University of Pennsylvania (october 2011)

Professor Klaus Krippendorff on the Key Concepts of The Semantic Turn

academic webpage



Content Analysis: An Introduction to its Methodology, by Klaus Krippendorff, 2004

Klaus Krippendorff's Dictionary of Cybernetics

The Semantic turn, a new foundation for design (2006), by Klaus Krippendorff

On Communication. Otherness, Meaning, and Information (edited by Fernando Bermejo), 2009, Klaus Krippendorff

Information Theory. Structural Models for Qualitative Data (1986), by Klaus Krippendorff

Coding Verbal Data What to Optimize? (slides) by Klaus Krippendorff, 2008

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Robert. T Craig

Communication as a practice
Communication in the conversation of disciplines

academic webpage

Communication as a Practice, by Robert T Craig, 2006

Dewey and Gadamer on Practical Reflection: Toward a Methodology for the Practical Disciplines, by Robert T Craig, 2001

So. What do you guys think? Think Talk and process in student-led classroom discussion, by Robert T. Craig and Alena L. Sanusi, 2001

Metadiscourse, Theory and Practice, by Robert T. Craig, 1999

Multiple Goals in Discourse, by Robert T. Craig, 1990

Communication Theory As A Field, Craig, R. T. (1999). Communication theory as a field. Communication Theory, 9(2), 199-161

James R. Beniger

James R. Beniger. The Control Revolution
Trafficking in Drug Users: Professional Exchange Networks in the Control of deviance. By James R. Beniger

George Gerbner

George Gerbner Archive

TELEVISION VIOLENCE. At a Time of Turmoil and Terror. By George Gerbner
George Gerbner & Larry Gross. Living with television: the violence profile

George Gerbner’s Cultivation Theory Application Paper, by Jocelyn McDonnel

George Gerbner´s Archive. Annenberg School for Communication.

Sue Curry Jansen

Ambiguities and Imperatives of Market Censorship: The Brief History of a Critical Concept. By Sue Curry Jansen

2011 Smythe Lecture: Sue Curry Jansen

Semantic Tyranny: How Edward L. Bernays Stole Walter Lippmann’s Mojo and Got Away With It and Why It Still Matters, by SUE CURRY JANSEN

Gaye Tuchman

Making News by Doing Work: Routinizing the Unexpected

academic webpage


Media Institutions. Qualitative Methods in the study of news (1991), Gaye Tuchman.

Nicholas Garnham

Revisiting the Political Economy of Communication
Nicholas Garnham* and Christian Fuchs**

Prof Nicholas Garnham. University of Westminster, UK
The Information Society: Myth or Reality

FROM CULTURAL TO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES. An analysis of the implications of the “creative industries” approach to arts and
media policy making in the United Kingdom. By Nicholas Garnham

The Information Society : Myth or Reality, by Nicholas Garnham

James W. Carey

Technology and Ideology: The Case of the Telegraph, by James W. Carey


A Conversation with James Carey- March 15, 2002. Columbia learn

Alex Edelstein

Propaganda Adapts to Changing Times (Alex Edelstein)
Edelstein, Alex (1919-2001) Essay 7447

James D.Halloran.


HALLORAN, James D.: "The Context of mass communication research". UENSCO. International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems, 78, 1978.

HALLORAN, James D.: "Social science, communication research and the Third World". Media Development, 1998/2, Social science, communication research and the Third World.

Ithiel de Sola Pool

What Next? The Intellectual Legacy of Ithiel de Sola Pool
by Lloyd S. Etheredge (1)


profile at Mit

The Intellectual Legacy of Ithiel de Sola Pool, by Lloyd S. Etheredge

The flow of Communications into the home, by W. Russell Neuman and Ithiel de Sola Pool

Dr. Herbert I. Schiller

Herbert Irving Schiller(wikipedia)
From the March, 1994 issue of *Z Magazine*

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