Sunday, April 19, 2015

Klaus Krippendorff

The American Society for Cybernetics offers this small book to Klaus Krippendorff
as a tribute to mark the year of his 80th birthday.
Klaus Krippendorff. A Directory Compiled, edited and produced by Ranulph Glanville

Annenberg Research Seminar - Klaus Krippendorff, University of Pennsylvania (october 2011)

Professor Klaus Krippendorff on the Key Concepts of The Semantic Turn

academic webpage



Content Analysis: An Introduction to its Methodology, by Klaus Krippendorff, 2004

Klaus Krippendorff's Dictionary of Cybernetics

The Semantic turn, a new foundation for design (2006), by Klaus Krippendorff

On Communication. Otherness, Meaning, and Information (edited by Fernando Bermejo), 2009, Klaus Krippendorff

Information Theory. Structural Models for Qualitative Data (1986), by Klaus Krippendorff

Coding Verbal Data What to Optimize? (slides) by Klaus Krippendorff, 2008

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