Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Focus group set up in SL (made by Benny Rigaux-Bricmont)

This image illustrates the answer that Rigaux-Bricmont Benny, give to us in the forum of the paper "Conducting Research in Virtual Worlds" which he has done with khaoula ellafi and Hervet Guillaume for the IV Congress of Cybersociety

You can see a multi chair which will accomodate the number of participants, a chalk noteboard on which one you can write information, a brain board for anonymous brainstorming and a consent ball in order to respect the ethical principles for researching with avatars.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday science day (scilands) bridging the gap between S.L and R.L

Yesterday, I was introduced to Zazen Mambi (Jeffrey Corbin) by Angelle Marquette and he put a poster of the GT Metaverses and 3D Environments (IV Congress of Cybersociety,) with a link to the communications made by the authors, where he carries the Friday Science day.

This means bridging the hole between real life and s.l in a wonderfull way.
Zazen Mambi, introduced to me his project Scilands and the meeting he was conducting.
Friday science day. A lot of people there. It is an interesting event. I could not attend it but I will do.

Entrevista a Jeffrey Corbin (Zazen Manbi en Second Life),Director del Departamento de Física y Astronomía de la Escuela de Ciencias de la Universidad de Denver en Second Life (“Science School”)
Por Ronald Cotaquispe

scilands in wikipedia
Scilands classroom
Science School Physics and Astronomy in Second Life

Mobius Ryba (author of the arena rezzer and moderation tool) improved the poster with a marvellous frame and is.

Monday, November 16, 2009

McLuhan in Second Life (Phylis Johnson & Lowe Runo)

Understanding Second Life as an extension of ourselves through the Identification of 5 characteristics of this Virtual Environment

This is the work that I have prepared for taking part in the IV Congress of Cybersociety, where we coordinate the GT Metaverses and 3D Environments.

The five characteristics identified can be improved. Texts, slides and videos which we received in our Group of Work help us to identify more characteristics

1,the detail in the representation of the things
2,intelligent objects
3,tools for displaying contents
4,social environment
5,linked to "real world"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Inauguration of the IV Congress of Cybersociety in Second Life

We encourage to you to enjoy the act that the IV Congress of Cybersociety
develops in Second Life this Friday 13 for inaugurating the event.

You could see on live the inauguration that will be celebrated in "real world" (in Barcelona) in a marvelous screen that is displayed in the San Martin de Porres University (Peru), drink a beer in a homely pub that is at Cornwall College place (United Kingdom of G. Britain and N. Ireland)and finally, go to dance in the disco that San Martin de Porres University has.

This is the schedule:

Friday, 13 November

6:30 pm ET Spanish = 9:30 PT hours Second Life

Video streaming of the inauguration of the Fourth Congress of the CyberSociety

Universidad San Martin de Porres of Peru
(Seating is limited to approximately 60 simultaneous avatars)

9.30 pm Spanish time = 12:30 a.m. PT hours Second Life
Beer in the Irish pub "The Kernow and Then"
Cornwall College

10.30 pm Spanish time = 13.30 hours AM PST Second Life

For those who can withstand: disco party at Caral
Universidad San Martin de Porres of Peru

Tis is the link to this information in the Blog of the IV Congress of Cybersociety

Take your avatar, got into and..participate. You will enjoy.

Note to those without Second Life avatar: just register on the website of Second Life and activate an account that appears in the registration confirmation email.

To access the places where the event will take place once you are in Second Life: just paste these addresses slur in local chat and click on it. You will be "teleported" to the moment ...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

using Virtual Worlds for doing Qualitative Research

Communications of the Congress of Cybersociety are available.
Take a look to the communications that our Group of Work , "Metaverses and 3D Environments" have received and evaluated. You will obtain many approachs for researching about virtual worlds and for applying them with different purposes.

Today I want to point out the works submitted by Benny RIGAUX-BRICMONT, Hervet Guillaume, khaoula ellafi and Leila El Kamel.: "Conducting research in Virtual Worlds", Online qualitative research and metaverses

Their works offers one very interesting useful approach towards the application of Virtual Worlds that consist on taking advantage of its social characteristic and the inmmersive feelings that provoke for using them to do qualitative research in order to get insights about the topics we want to study.

The authors, give to us methods and techniques for using Virtual Worlds for doing qualitative research and deal with the problems or special issues that are necessary to consider when we want to obtain opinions, answers, etc, from the persons that in Second Life are into their avatars.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

C. Wright Mills (1916-1962)


The Mass Society(from the book "The Power Elite" by C.Wright Mills Oxford Press, 1956)

Ervin Goffman (1922 –1982)


Erving Goffman
Sobre el trabajo de la cara
En: Erving Goffman. Ritual de la interacción. Buenos Aires, Ed. Tiempo Contemporáneo, 1970. pp. 11-25.

PRESENTATION OF SELF IN EVERYDAY LIFE (Introduction) Erving Goffman 1959

"Goffman reciclado" (Tesis-Antítesis)

"Presentación de la Persona en las Redes Sociales. Facebook desde el enfoque dramatúrgico de Ervin Goffman" (julio Villa)

The Erving Goffman Archives (EGA)

Blog Archive