Tuesday, November 25, 2008

appearance in S.L.


I have changed the appearance of my avatar because it is one of the activities that I must to do in the Postgraduate that I am doing about the uses of Virtual Contexts in Education. I like my S.L appearance. For this reason I I have not done a big change But I have decided to use a new hair style. I think that I am more modern and also attractive now.

On the other hand, we must to make our avatar being more similar to our real appearance. Because of this, I decided to reduce the stature of my avatar.

Now, trainers ask us the next questions that I go to answer now.

In your blog, describe your experience playing with your avatar’s appearance: do you feel comfortable with your new appearance or is it going to take more work – share your reflections on this. How do you feel the changes you made to your avatar have affected your digital identity?

Ok, From my point of view, changes in my avatar appearance affect to my digital identity in a first contact, as occurs in the real life. But the most important thing is our behaviour or the way in which people interact.
When I arrived to S.L, I get surprised because of the avatars appearance. Most of them are dressing in a very sexy way. You know, Short skirts, necklines, shirts bound....When I observed this I thought that maybe in S.L there are people looking for their avatars fall in love with other avatars.
And In fact, the first avatar that helped to men introduced me her..boyfriend.. ¿her boyfriend? Yes
On the other side, It is Known that in Second Life, as in the real life, of course, There are places where avatars can dance and also see striptease¡¡ In this way, appearance has a big importance in S.L, as in the Real Life.
In addition, from the first moment you enter in S.L, you assume that are different status here. In this way, there are avatars that wear bright accessories that draw attention.

How do you think your appearance affects your interactions with others and their interactions with you?

As I said before, I think that appearance affects in S.L in our interactions because we can choose our appearance to express more about us. For instance, there are avatars that wear shirts form an University, from his prefer football team or form Obama. Since the moment you see these avatars, you know things about their preferences or their interests.

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

first steps in Second Life

Ohooo I am a women. It´s okay. Oh, what´s that bottom. “Fly”. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I can fly¡¡¡¡
I am flying, I continue flying.... Definitely, I am Flying....Where I am flying to?. Ok. Stop to flying. Uhhh. Ok I am on the land.

If I click with the right bottom of the mouse, ohh. I can change my appearance. Ok, hair... colour..
I have lost my hair¡¡¡Oh, I don´t like this such a short shirt. Ok, I can transform it. Now it is longer.

That´s right. Who is this person?

Other avatar appeared in front of me and explain me things about Second Life. I ask her about what she does in Second Life. She explained me that she is a builder and she received money for doing this. People pay her in S.L. Money and then she changed this money for real money. She lives in EE.UU. She is very kind and tell me that I never must give my credit card here¡¡¡ (I haven´t thought I doing this). She teletransported me to several places like a shop, a hairdresser...)

Sincerely, I don´t like the clothes that are in the shop. I decided to design my clothes. I can´t design a trousers and I decided to wear a long skirt.

Ok, it seems good for being here. ¡¡¡

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