Sunday, November 9, 2008

first steps in Second Life

Ohooo I am a women. It´s okay. Oh, what´s that bottom. “Fly”. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I can fly¡¡¡¡
I am flying, I continue flying.... Definitely, I am Flying....Where I am flying to?. Ok. Stop to flying. Uhhh. Ok I am on the land.

If I click with the right bottom of the mouse, ohh. I can change my appearance. Ok, hair... colour..
I have lost my hair¡¡¡Oh, I don´t like this such a short shirt. Ok, I can transform it. Now it is longer.

That´s right. Who is this person?

Other avatar appeared in front of me and explain me things about Second Life. I ask her about what she does in Second Life. She explained me that she is a builder and she received money for doing this. People pay her in S.L. Money and then she changed this money for real money. She lives in EE.UU. She is very kind and tell me that I never must give my credit card here¡¡¡ (I haven´t thought I doing this). She teletransported me to several places like a shop, a hairdresser...)

Sincerely, I don´t like the clothes that are in the shop. I decided to design my clothes. I can´t design a trousers and I decided to wear a long skirt.

Ok, it seems good for being here. ¡¡¡

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