Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday science day (scilands) bridging the gap between S.L and R.L

Yesterday, I was introduced to Zazen Mambi (Jeffrey Corbin) by Angelle Marquette and he put a poster of the GT Metaverses and 3D Environments (IV Congress of Cybersociety,) with a link to the communications made by the authors, where he carries the Friday Science day.

This means bridging the hole between real life and s.l in a wonderfull way.
Zazen Mambi, introduced to me his project Scilands and the meeting he was conducting.
Friday science day. A lot of people there. It is an interesting event. I could not attend it but I will do.

Entrevista a Jeffrey Corbin (Zazen Manbi en Second Life),Director del Departamento de Física y Astronomía de la Escuela de Ciencias de la Universidad de Denver en Second Life (“Science School”)
Por Ronald Cotaquispe

scilands in wikipedia
Scilands classroom
Science School Physics and Astronomy in Second Life

Mobius Ryba (author of the arena rezzer and moderation tool) improved the poster with a marvellous frame and is.

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