Sunday, April 19, 2015

Wilbur Schramm (1907-1987)

Contributions of Wilbur Schram to Mas Comunication Research, Journalism Monograph No. 36. Chafe, Steven H., Ed.; And Others

The Financing of Public Television. Schram, Wilbur; Nelson, Lyle



Schramman, W. (1997) The Beginnings of Communication Study in America. A personal memoir.

S. Siebert, F; Peterson, T. & Schramm, W. (1963) Four Theories of the Press. The authoritarian, Libertarian, Social Responsability and Social Comunist Concepts of what the press should be and do.

Schramm, W; Lyle, J; Parker, E.B (1961) "Televison in the lives of our children. The facts about the effects on television on children-based on studies of over 6,000 children"

"Wilbur Schramm: Portrait of a Development Communicator Pionned", by Arvind Singhad. Communicator-Jan-Dec, 1987, Vol, XXII No 1-4

Note: Image of the Schramm´s model was obtained from Communication Models

Schramm, W. (1979) Mass media and national development. International commision for the study of communication problems.

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