Friday, May 14, 2010

conversation about new economy, (May, 15, 2010) in University of San Martin de Porres, S.L

This Saturday May 15 at 9 am on Second Life, 11 am Lima and 18.00 in Spain, will be held the Fourth Conversation hosted by the USMP Virtual in Second Life. This time, Max Ugaz (*) (Maximo Eames in Second Life) will speak on the importance of the new economy and the impact that virtual worlds are developing in education and society.

What is the digital economy or knowledge economy?, Why is it different to the classical neo-classical economics?, What are the limits, if any, of the digital economy, What virtual worlds represent new consumers?. These and many more questions will Max to answer in this discussion group.

The discussion group which will be held at 11 am and the meeting point will be in the virtual arena "Pachacamac" University of San Martín de Porres.

The chats in virtual worlds are an initiative of the Virtual University to promote and disseminate USMP everything has been done in the Second USMP research team. For more information, visit the project website Second USMP:

attendance is free. This is the slurl of the place of the event.

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