Wednesday, January 7, 2009

muvenation exercise (about working in collaboration)

Muvenation Exercise

Module 1, Section 3, Activity 4 - Collaboration
Collaboration is not easy. We often merely cooperate, distributing sections of a task rather than working together on the whole. It needs practice and as we will be doing more collaborative activities during the course it is important to reflect on the success of the process this time, so that we can improve it next time.

To reflect on the dynamics of the collaboration process

Post in your blog about the collaboration in your sub group. You may want to think about some of these issues.

Was it easy to define objectives and criteria?
How did you distribute the work?
How did you feel about your own particpation?
How did you feel about other participation?
Where there any problems, or misunderstandings?

I worked with Jennifer Staningar. After our initial forum posting on the Moodle, we decided to use Google Talk and Google Docs in order to share and discuss our ideas this past week.

We began this task by meeting in-world and sharing ideas through the IM chat feature. We teleported to sims that we previously knew something about and discussed how we envisioned our presentation. It became clear to us that this type of spontaneous meeting would not lead us to find events of interest, so instead we agreed to work individually and keep in touch via Google Talk. This worked very well for us and each day we made some collaborative contact to improve and refine the scope of the task.

We agreed that it would be useful to create a checklist in order to evaluate educational sims in Second Life (SL). This would help us to understand the characteristics of different sims.

I spearheaded this task. I proposed five criteria to evaluate educational places in SL defined the criteria in order to have a checklist of items to record for each place we visited.

Because Jennifer has attended more in-world events/lectures, she will share her point of view about her experience in the lectures. As a result, we give you two perspectives abut educational places in SL. One perspective is more about the format and the other is more abot the content.

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