Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Journal of Media Innovations

The Journal of Media Innovations

Focus and Scope

"The Journal of Media Innovations explores how changing technologies and changing modes of usage and engagement with media bring about innovations in media.

The Journal of Media Innovations emphasises innovations in the following areas:
* New media services
* New players in the media landscape
* New roles of users
* New practices by existing media organizations

Users of digital media are becoming increasingly more active as producers (and re-distributors) of content, contributing to new services, new social constellations and new business models. Over the last decade a number of studies have focused on how Internet and mobile communication impact media services, business models and strategies, and user patterns. The Journal of Media Innovations builds on this large body of research, and takes it one step further by explicitly integrating perspectives on the roles of media technology and innovation, with perspectives on the roles users have in generating innovation and transformation in the media sector".

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