Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Should One Laptop Per Child System Run Linux Or Windows?
Microsoft stirred up controversy last week when it suggested a Linux-based laptop for children in developing nations be redesigned to accommodate Windows. Would that be a good move?
Make a Comment | Paul McDougall | December 10, 2007 01:52 PM

What is ubermix?
The ubermix is an all-free, specially built, Linux-based operating system designed from the ground up with the needs of education in mind. Built by educators with an eye towards student and teacher empowerment, ubermix takes all the complexity out of student devices by making them as reliable and easy-to-use as a cell phone, without sacrificing the power and capabilities of a full operating system. With a turn-key, 5 minute installation, 20 second quick recovery mechanism, and more than 60 free applications pre-installed, ubermix turns whatever hardware you have into a powerful device for learning

Problems with the $100 laptop Problems with the OLPC approach
Lee Felsenstein
Fonly Institute
10 Nov. 2005

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