Monday, April 12, 2010

23 checklists for evaluating websites (most are designed from a content perspective)

1, User Testing Techniques - A Reader-Friendliness Checklist (All Things Web)

2, Evaluating websites (Chabot Library)

3, How to evaluate a webpage (Colorado State University)

4, Website evaluation checklist (Concordia University)

5, Finding it on the Web: A Guide to Finding and Evaluating Health Information on the Internet Presented by: Carol Aebli, AMLS Borgess Library. Borgess Medical Center

6, Five criteria for evaluating Web pages (Cornell University Library)

7, WWW Cyberguide Ratings for website design

8, Checklist for Evaluating Web Sites (Dalhousie University)

9, Evaluating Quality on the Net, by Hope N. Tillman

10, Sommers web evaluation checklist

11, Evaluation Criteria, by Susan E. Beck. Collection Development Coordinator. New Mexico State University Library

12, Checklist for evaluating websites (University of Maryland)

13, Webpage evaluation checklist, by Joe Barker, The Teaching Library, University of California, Berkeley “The Best Stuff On The Web”

14, Evaluating Internet Research Sources, by Robert Harris

15, Evaluating Quality, by Walt Howe's Internet Learning Center

16, Teacher Web Site Evaluation, by the School District of Greenville County

17, Website evaluation Checklist (University of Otawa)

18, Website Evaluation Checklist, by Paradise Valley Community College

19, Evaluating websites, by Philip C. Stohrer.

20, Evaluating websites (Lesley University Library)

21, Guidelines for Evaluating Web Pages, by Lexington Public Schools Libraries

22, Evaluating websites, by Northwest Missouri State University

23, Issues & Concerns in Using Medical Information from the Web, by Kay Benjamin,

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