Saturday, February 14, 2009

Workshop in Muvenation (How to add an url to an object)

I have enjoyed a lot My first time as SL Instructor.
The workshop´s objetives were to made a brainstorming about possible uses of adding urls to an objects in S.L. and, before, learn how to do that.
We use the Brain Board V4.0 tool in order to do the brainstorming. (You can get this tool here and a more free educational tools).
Brain Board allows us to see all the ideas that we are going to purpose during the brainstorming. The tool is very interesting and because of that, we made too a brainstorming about possible uses of the tool. I am very happy because all students participated in the discuccion, giving ideas and exchanging opinions.

I was very worry because only two students were on the list but more students join in the workshop at the end. I am very grateful to Marga for purposing me to get the Brain Board 4.0.

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gloriagdiago said...

More photos of the workshop in the melannvlodovic´s flickr (thanks melann)

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